How to Get Google Adsense Approval

It is very easy to apply on Google AdSense, but approval for the same is very tough.  And it is much tougher in countries such as India, China, Pakistan. But the people of India are quite smart, they do some tricks to instantly get Adsense account approved, which we call Black Hat SEO / Paid Traffic. So, In this article, we will discuss How to Get Google Adsense Approval easily.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval

If you want to generate online income by Sitting Home and if your website has a daily traffic of up to 2000, then AdSense is the best platform through which you can monetize your website and can easily earn up to 5 to 10 dollars on 2000 visitor and also even more. So, now the time has come for the online earning from Adsense and I bring for you the  Tips and Tricks about How to get Google Adsense Approval so that you can monetize your website/Blog easily.

By doing these tricks, they get the traffic they get the traffic to their site but the google account gets disapproved. So I will just tell you that black hat SEO is not for long-term income, so keep the distance from all those spamming things which can harmful to the blog.

Before knowing about Adsense account approved, Let us know what Google Adsense is?

Adsense is an online advertising company that Google started on 18 June 2003. In it, you have to copy the ad code to your site, which shows ads on your site and when someone clicks on the ads, Google gives us money of that click.

Approve We can do with the help of 3 things.

  1.  Website / Blog
  2.  Blogger / Blogspot
  3.  YouTube Videos
So, Today we will learn about How to Approve Google adsense for your Blog/Website:-

Top Google Adsense Approval Tricks for website/blog

It is not even more difficult to get approved for the Google adsense account, if you keep in mind the normal point, before you fall into this point, you must first go through the the google adsense policy.

#1. Tweet them out

How to Get Google Adsense Approval
We are giving you the Tricks for approving your Google adsense but in any case if your Account didn't get approved. Then Tweet the Google Adsense about your website:

What to tweet

" Dear Sir, I have applied for the Google adsense but it is rejected by any reason, Please Approve my Adsense account for my website ''. I have done all the necessity and the website fulfills all Terms and Conditions of Adsense Policies".
Thank you 

But Before tweeting the Adsense just follow and complete all the task given below in this post.

#2. XML Sitemap for Adsense Approval

How to get Google Adsense approval

You create your blog's XML-sitemap and submit it to "Google, Bing, Yahoo" so that all the pages of your site and post are easily indexed and Adsense can better understand your site.

#3. SEO Friendly Design/Navigation/Layout

How to get Google Adsense Approval

Design of your sites should be Simple and Sweet. The Navigation of all pages should be properly used so that the Visitor and Google have no problem in Navigating the contents. And also do not add much to your widgets just add useful information.

#4. First you have create 3 pages on your site

How to Approve Google Adsense Approval

About us:

Write about your site and yourself, so that the visitor and google know your site well. Have a look How About Us page looks like.

Contact us: 

Create contact us page on your website and use your professional email id for example "" and also use the contact form.

Privacy Policy:

In the privacy-policy page, you can write your site's policy. How you use the the visitor's information, which company's advertisements you use, Put all the information in this Privacy Policy page.
We create these three page because  lets google know that we are serious in our work and our site is a professional site.

#5. No Cut, Copy & Paste - then what to do

You do not have to do CCP  (cut, copy, paste) at your site. If you do, you will not get Adsense Approval in your site, but your website will also become useless.
How to get Google Adsense approval
So what you do is CCE (cut, copy, edit)  instead of CCP . This means copy the article from another blog and paste it in Notpad, then edit that article in your style and publish it. If you follow these Google Adsense approval Tricks of the post you can easily get your Adsense account Approved.

#6. How much Content to write

For Google adsense account approval, What we used to do that we wrote an Article of 300+ words and applied for adsense. And the intresting thing was that Adsense account was also approved.

How to get Google Adsense approval

But in today's time, google has become much more strict and does not approve your application quickly and content is a major point for approval. So you have to write an article of at least 800+ word. So that there will be no content copy and traffic will also increase.

#7. How many Posts on the site, How Old your website should be and how much Traffic ?

PostTraffic and how old the website is, it is not a major point to get adsense approval:-

 Old Site:

According to the Adsense policy for Adsence approval, their policy States that your website should be at least 6 month old (ii India). But if I talk about me and India's Top blogger, then all of them will have their adsense account approve in " 5 Days "and it is true that you do not need to sit for 6 months. You can apply when your site is completely ready.


How many posts you will have for applying ?
50, 100 or 150 ?
If I say, you have to write 50, not 100, but 10 Post! Yes, my friends you can get your Adsense  Approval in 10 posts but the condition is that you have to write Quality Contentusefull information and 1000+ words.


Traffic is an essential thing for Adsense Approval. If Adsense is on your site and there is no traffic, adsense is also of no avail. Your site should have organic traffic that comes from google, bing, yahoo and also the search engine and at least on your site should be up to 250 daily traffic and the Alexa rank should be below 10,00,000.

#8. Image Copyright

There is also a big role of an image for approve ads on your sites. So let's take a look at how to use the image and what things should be taken care of.

Do not forget to use "Alt Tags" in the image because google does not read the image. It reads your image via alt tag.

How to get Google Adsense approval

Do not use that image if it has a name or company name in an image. Because the risk of Image Copyright will increase.
You should use your own image.
You should not use the "Adult / Porn" image at all because Google never accepts "Porn Site".

#9. Google Adsense Vs Another Companies Ads

How to Get Google Adsense Approval
When you apply for Google Adsense, do not use ads of any other Companies on your  blog or website. Well, we can use both Infolinks, Chitika ads and google Ads together, but when you do apply, you Apply after removing all the ads.

#10. webmaster/Analytic

How to get approved for Google Adsense with the help of Webmaster and Analytic. So for that you have to make account in Google webmaster/Bing and Submit your site into it. So that google and bing can Crawl all the pages of your website and posts.
How to Get Google Adsense Approval
Now you can go to google analytic by signing in (use gmail account). From this, google will know how much traffic is on your website.

These were some awesome Google Adsense Approval Tricks by which your Website/Blog can get approved by Google Adsense. If you like our article, please Share it on social media and Comment if you have any better idea about "How to Get Google Adsense Approval"
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