How To Increase Google Adsense CPC

If you also have less than $ 0.01 to $ 0.05 CPC. So this CPC rate is very low for you. There may be many reasons behind this. Which I will tell you with full details in this post. Then let’s start and know some of the essential tips and tricks, so that can help you to increase adsense CPC.

People are upset because of the very low CPC rate in India, and they thinks how their CPC rates can increase. So that they can earn more than from Google Adsense. As we know, Adsense is the best option to earn money from website and blogs. Adsense gives us money when someone clicks on our ads. But due to very low CPC in India, Indian bloggers are not able to earn good income from adsense. But if you can increase the Adsense CPC, you can make more money than adsense. So , in this post I will tell you How to increase Google Adsense CPC in India.
Placing of ads on your website and make money from them is very easy job. But how much money do you get on a click on adsense ads? It totally relies on your CPC. Why CPC plays a very big role in this. I have seen some people, They have very low Traffic but have high CPC in their website and are doing good earnings from adsense. Even though some has very good Traffic but low CPC and they are not able to make good income.

What is Google Adsense CPC

CPC has a direct meaning “Cost Per Click”. That is, how much money you get on total clicks, or how much money you get on per click. Suppose if you have total 4 clicks. In which $ 0.15 on one click and $ 1 on the rest of the 3 clicks. Then your CPC will be ($ 0.15 + $ 1.00) / 4 = $ 0.28.
I hope, Now you understood easily that what is CPC. In other words, the total income of one day is to be divided from the total clicks of that day. Mean (total earning) / total click = CPC.

Why CPC in India is Low

Even in your mind this question must have come, why the adsense CPC rate in India is low. So I tell you, in India still people do not believe in things like online. Online shoping is a live example of this. Why online shoping in India is very less compared to USA or Canada. So whatever Advertizers, they just believe in display content only. Because they know that if someone is clicking on their ads, then also it is not necessary that he is clicking to buy. They know that after clicking on ads, either they see the ads or buy things from somewhere else after price comparison.
The second reason is that Indians wants everything in free. That means they want everything without spending anything. For this reason, they do not like online sale and also they do not want to buy anything online. Also they believe that the goods purchased online are not good. This is the reason that the online advertisements in India do not want to spend much money. The effect of which is clearly visible on adsense cpc.

How to increase Google adsense CPC in India

Adsense CPC depends on our blog’s content, viewes time, ads placement, ads format, page rpm and more. If you want to earn good income from your adsense blog, then follow the steps given below. So that your AdSense CPC can be improved.
  1. Use of high CPC Keywords

    If you want to earn good money from your adsense blog. You should write a post using high CPC keywords for your blog and Post. By this, you will get two advantages, first- If someone comes to your website after searching high CPC Keyword. Then the organic traffic will increase on your blog. Other advantage will be that if visitors click on any of your ads. Then you will get cpc of those keywords. It means you will get good income. You can use google keyword planner to get high cpc keywords.
  2. Target High CPC countries

    Which country are you targeting the audience. It also relies heavily on adsense CPC. If you are targeting Indian audience. So obviously, your CPC will be reduced. As I told you, the Indian audience has low potential to crimp money on online purchase. But if you target the European audience Then you will get more CPC.
  3. Block Sensitive Ads and Low CPC Ads

    Sensitive ads of Google Adsense, like gambling, religion, black magic, casino etc has very low CPC. Block those ads by logging in to your adsense account. For this, go to My ads >> Allow & Block ads in your adsense account. There you will find sensitive ads in sub categories in category section, block it. Search on google low CPC ads and block those ads on your Google Adsense after logging into it.
  4. Enable Image and Text Formate

    While placing adsense ads on your blog or website, remember one thing that apply ads
    formet of Image and Text Formet. Because adsense also recommends to enable this formate. And if you do this then your adsense cpc will definitely increase.
  5. Show Ads first

    You show the ads first on your post or home page. By doing so, Ads will show first before loading the page and visitors will also have to look at those ads first. Keep your site fast loading as long as possible. Why there is more chances of clicks on the Fast loading website.
I hope these tips and tricks on, “How to increase Google Adsense CPC in India” will definately help you lot. If you have any suggestions or suggestions to increase your adsense cpc, please comment on it.

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